How To Calculate Figure Of Girl's?


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If you are a girl, it is easy and worthwhile to know the size and shape of your body. Knowing your body to an accurate degree will help you to buy clothes which fit better and are more comfortable. You can use a tape measure to work out the size of all areas of your body. It is a good idea to know measurements such as your inside leg measurement, your waist measurement and your bra size.

In order to work out your inside leg measurement, stand up tall with your legs straight. Do not bend your knees and do not stand on your toes. If you need to bend your knees in order to reach your feet, you should ask someone else to help you take this measurement. Using a tape measure, start on the inside of your leg, right at the top, at the crotch, and stretch the tape down to the ankle bone. The reading on the tape measurement will be your inside leg measurement.

In order to work out your waist measurement, work out where the top of your hip bone is, and where the bottom of you rib cage is. As a general rule, your waist should be midway in between these two places. Wrap the tape measure around this area. Stand up tall, do not hold in your stomach, and breathe out naturally when measuring your waist. The reading on the tape measure will be your waist measurement.

In order to calculate your bra size, it is easier to measure yourself using inches. First of all measure around the bottom of your breasts, where the lowest part of your bra should sit. If the measurement is an even number, add four - if it is odd, add five. This will give you your band size. Next, measure around the fullest part of your bust - this is usually over the nipple. In order to work out your cup size, subtract your band size (with the addition or four or five) from your bust size. If the two measurements are the same, you are an A cup, if the two measurements are different by one inch, you are a B cup and so on.

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