What Are The Top Five Things To Consider When Creating A Safe And Effective Exercise Program?


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Creating safe and effective exercise program depends upon your objective that can be either to reduce weight, maintain weight or to build muscles. What ever may be your objective, discuss with your doctor before starting exercise. Take care of following things.

  1. Make objective of the exercise.
  2. Chalk out your diet plan according to objective of your exercise.
  3. Time management. How much and when you can go for exercise
  4. Start with minimum efforts like 20 minutes walk after every other day and then make it daily and then increase time.
  5. Check your current health to know about any disease like heart problems, diabetes, arthritis, thyroid disease.
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1.Saftey for users
2.energy levels
3.height and weight calculations
4.dietry, medicine needs
5.Cost, advertise, easy storage, is it worth it?

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