What Are The Best Diets/Foods For ADHD Children?


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ADHD (or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a condition that affects many children all across the world.

Although its relation to diet and food is not yet fully understood, it is thought that certain types of food can worsen the condition.

The following is a list of food-types that you might want to steer clear of:

Effective diet to tackle ADHD

Planning the diet of a child with ADHD sounds like a really good idea to me - and the first things you'll want to take out of his/her diet are:

  • Sugar
  • Chocolate
  • Soda and fizzy drinks
Basically, any high energy or sugary food or drink will add to your child's problem.

Other foods to avoid include:

  • Junk food
  • fried food
  • High carb and starchy food
  • Food that's high in additives
What food is good for an ADHD sufferer? The main thing that will help combat ADHD is the source of your child's sugar. Fruit contains lots of natural sugar, which is a whole lot healthier than the type of sugar found in cola or candy.

Other things that you should include in your child's diet are:

  • Fish (especially salmon and tuna)
  • Vegetables
  • High protein dishes
  • Sugar-free drinks
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Children suffering from ADHD are normally allergic to several kinds of food. Here are a few recommendations for an ADHD diet:
  • - Avoid dairy products - instead use Almond milk, Rice milk or better plain water.
  • - Avoid yellow foods, such as squash or corn
  • - No junk food, especially when it comes in a cellophane paper.
  • - Take fresh juices instead of packaged ones, and dilute them with water.
  • - Avoid sugar
  • - Avoid chocolate
  • - Avoid processed meat, and instead try fresh meat
  • - Avoid fried food
  • - Eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible.
  • - Use omega oils and fish oils for cooking
  • - Eat high protein, low carb meals.
  • - Follow a diet low in refined carbs and sugar-free.
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Thank you it gave me a great start
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My child's school told me to medicate my 6 year old in Kindegarden or they wouldn't promote him to first grade no matter how smart he is. I think this gives me a start to fight back. Thank you
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My 5-year-old daughter is ADHD and is also on Adderall.

The foods I have found to cause problems are ANY sweets, and anything with artificial food coloring (especially red & blue).

I have also found that caffeine has an adverse reaction with her so I don't allow her to have diet drinks.

Fresh fruit is okay to give because the sugars in them are natural and are burnt off quickly.
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Thanks everyone. I am planning on trying some of these ideas over the summer.

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