Where Can I Buy A Replacement Medicine Cabinet Mirror?


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"Replacement medicine cabinet mirrors should be available at most hardware stores.  Prices will depend on how large the mirror you need replacing is, and whether it is an unusual shape or size, which would mean that the store would have to cut the glass to your specifications, because of this, the mirror would usually cost you more. Therefore, it is advisable to take note of the specific measurements of your mirrors, in the event that the store requests them so that they can cut the glass to the correct dimensions.         

It may be worth searching to see whether there is a glass merchant in your local area, as these smaller shops often have better prices and frequently offer a more personal service than the larger hardware stores. Websites can also offer similar services to these shops, and many can deliver, however, this is clearly not as reliable an option as actually visiting a store, and glass is clearly very fragile, so delivering involves risk that buying directly from a store should eliminate. "
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Buying a new medicine cabinet is probably cheaper than having a replacement mirror made and installed.

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