What Is Good To Put On Skin Rash? It's On My Legs And It Itches.


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There are many things that can cause an itchy skin rash. Nine times out of ten, you will find that a rash of this type is due to dermatitis, a condition caused by something irritating the skin, an allergy, or a heat rash. Skin rashes however, on your leg especially, can also point to auto-immune disorders, varicose veins, diabetes and poor blood flow. Since you state that the rash itches, the cause is likely to be one of the more popular causes listed and these are usually very easily solved and treated.

Dermatitis: Dermatitis is usually an itchy, red rash that can appear anywhere on the body. It is usually triggered by something that has irritated the skin consistently, such as if you have been exposed to detergents or certain solvents on a frequent basis.

To treat it, make sure first you avoid the cause, and keep the area well moisturized with a scentless, gentle cream. You may also want to regularly rub in an Antihistamine cream.

If creams and keeping the area clean and dry doesn't work, you may need steroids or a stronger prescription medication from your doctor.

Allergy: If you have noticed your itchy rash appear shortly after wearing clothes washed in a new detergent, using a different shower gel or cosmetic, or after the consumption of a new food, it is very likely your rash was caused by an allergic reaction. If the rash is your only symptom and you aren't feeling unwell, dizzy, sick or breathless, you can help calm the itchiness down very simply. Damp a flannel or cloth with cold water and lay over the area of the rash. This will help stop itching and take down any swelling. This process also helps the presence of a heat rash.

Because we are not an authorized medical authority, we advise you to speak to your GP if symptoms persist.
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DO NOT PUT BENGAY ON A RASH!!  Bengay is only for sore muscles and will irritate the rash even more and will make it burn like it's on fire!
Try calamine lotion to see if it drys it up if it's oozing any.
If it's just dry, flaky skin, a good healing lotion might help.  You could even try EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) if you have any handy.
If you still have it after a couple of week treating it at home or if it's spreading, go see a doctor.
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Rash on top part of left leg and right above right knee and really itches

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