How To Increase Fat With Medicine?


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Unfortunately there is no separate medicine which will help you put on weight and instead you can follow these guidelines to help put weight on. 

  • Visit your doctor
We recommend visiting your doctor to discover ways to safely gain weight as there is health risks involved in doing this. However there are a number of things you can do to safely increase your weight.

Firstly eat nutritious foods that have high calorie counts such as bread, potatoes, red meat, poultry and fish but still have positive effects on your body. You could add food with high calories levels to your meal; this can include adding powering milk to a meal, wheat germ to your cereal or mixing meat in with your pasta.

Make sure you eat three meals a day to gain weight as it involved constant eating and also increase your normal portion size while also choosing foods with higher calories when shopping. Ensure that you balance your calorie intake with the number of calories you are actually burning so if you are using less than you use up it may be that you need to ease up your exercise program.

You could also try nutritional supplements which help you gain nutritional weight with the benefits of other nutrients such as probiotics, omega 3 and are a source of calcium and protein. You should again check with your doctor to see which of these they would recommend.
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You should eat food that is rich in fat.
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Use steroids

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