How To Maintain Sanitation At Home?


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It's a good idea to use a steam cleaner on almost everything. There are no chemicals & it's fairly easy to wipe down with a clean cloth after you use the steam. It's safe & usable on most household finishes. Avoid a lot of chemicals, as they only attract more dirt.  Vacuum your floors at least every other day & use a "swiffer" type dust mop in between vacuuming. It helps a lot. Use "swiffer" dusters on your furniture in between polishing too. And on your window blinds if you have them. Those new multi surface cleaners work nice & don't leave a big build up. If you like your home smelling fresh, open your windows every day for 10 minutes, even in winter. Just need an inch or so to make it work. Can also use a little bit of Febreeze on your carpet & furniture now & then. Hope this helps some. Stick with the steam. It works very well. They also sell these anti germ light sticks in CVS pharmacy. You can try those too. They run around $20. Each.
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Complete cleanliness in the house is impossible, and not logical. You don't want to spend a lot of money on cleaning services or spend your life cleaning your house, right? For example, I bought carpets by the following link. I'm not going to spend money on expensive cleaning products to clean the carpet every day, right? This is crazy.

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That's actually important, especially at a time we live in right now, so I think that choosing the right cleaning supplies and keeping your house clean is not that complicated if you don't want to harm your health. Personally, I just clean most surfaces with Clover Virosol, and then I can disinfect them with a sanitizer or something like that, but that's not really necessary, only if you want to get hospital-like cleanliness.

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