Behind My Knee, On The Back Of The Leg Is A Swelling Like A Ball Which Is Painful And Pulls. What Could Cause This?


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Feels tight and swells like a ball to the outside of my leg. Aches all the time, sometimes feels hot sensation.
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There is no way I would have this problem and not seek medical help,You need to seek medical help,anyone giving you advice on such a ailment could be held liable if you adhered and something went wrong any information given you can be located on the medical help please.
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This actually sounds like a Baker's cyst....a fairly benign structural anomaly that can often occur with hyper-extension of the knee or with hyper-flexion of the knee. My philosophy though is "When in doubt, get checked out"
It's always best to see a professional in these incidences, if nothing else, it will give you peace of mind, and they may be able to prescribe an anti-inflammatory drug to ease the pain and soreness.

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