How Long Do Women Usually Carry Twins?


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The pregnancy is supposed to last around nine months. That's the average length of time that any woman is pregnant. It shouldn't be too much longer before your water breaks, don't worry so much. If it takes too much longer, you might want to go to your doctor and see what's going on. I'm not a pregnancy expert, but that's my view on it. And according to two women I've discussed it with, their pregnancy lasted a total of ten months.

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I have  a niece who is pregnant with twins, I think she might have preclamps but her doctor keep sending her back home after she is in all this pain what should I do next.
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Most twin pregnancies lasts less than 9 months..but I think you are doing sisters had her twins at exactly 32 weeks..her water broke like a month and a half before they were born but thats because it was a complicated pregnany not just because it was multiples..she had to be in bed rest for a month in a half in the should talk to you doctor about any questions you have..goodluck with your twins its double the blessing
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Full term for twins are between 36-38 weeks.
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So how long did you actually go?? I'm pregnant now with twins and I cannot take it anymore, I'm soo miserable n uncomfortable til its ridiculous..I'm 30 weeks and goin crazy
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You must feel ready to explode. You are around the any day mark though.
I hope when the time comes for you to deliver it is speedy may you and your babies be healthy. Good luck and congratulations
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My sisters are twins and they were born after 7 1/2 months

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