Why After Sex I Feel Pain In My Ovaries And Sometimes It Hurts At The Beginning While Having Sex?


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This pain could be related to ovarian cysts, however you do not need to worry because they are quite common and the majority of them are benign. They are caused by follicles that release eggs during the ovulation period but they don't return to their regular size. Experiencing pain during and after sex is the most obvious symptom of ovarian cysts as well as aching pangs in your lower back and thighs. In addition, some women experience pressure on their abdomen and increased pan during their menstruation periods. In most cases cysts disappear without the aid of treatment within a few weeks; although it is known that some can take a few months to go away completely. I advise you to go and see your physician just to check that it is nothing more serious.

Pain during sexual intercourse can come from a number of other reasons such as vaginal tightness. This is especially the case within women who are experiencing their first sexual encounters due to the restrictiveness of the hymen. Once it has been penetrated then the tightness of the vagina should loosen and become more comfortable, however if this is not your first sexual experience then it may simply be due to anxiety and nerves of having sex with a new partner or just not feeling aroused. Moreover, some suffer from a pelvic inflammatory disorder which will make sex painful as well as possibly giving you a fever and causing abdominal pain. This is caused by bacteria in the vagina which tends to be contracted through sexually transmitted diseases such as Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia. You should see your doctor as soon as possible if you believe this is the case.
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Well, this explains a few things for me, too! I know I have cysts, but I had no idea they could cause pain like this. Thank you.
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It's possible that you may have ovarian cysts.  I've had the same problem and when my Dr. Diagnosed me with ovarian cysts, he said they were the cause of the pain.  Another possibility may be that it's your cervix that is hurting.  Many women tend to have tender cervixes through out different times in their cycles.  Either way, the penis bumping the cervix or the ovarian cysts is what causes the pain.  I would suggest that you see your Dr. as these were only things I have experienced and learned.  You may have a completely different problem, or maybe even no problem at all.  Good luck to you and I hope you find out what's going on.

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