How Much Of 15mg Dormicon Is Dangerous?


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Taking 15 milligrams of the drug Dormicon could indeed be dangerous, particularly if you have not been directed to do so by your doctor. 15 milligrams is a relatively large quantity and it would probably be safer to take a smaller dose, if you have been prescribed the drug. You should read the instructions on the packet to see exactly how much Dormicon you should take for it to be effective. If you still aren't sure how much to take, you should consult your doctor first rather than taking an unnecessary risk. Be sure to seek medical attention as soon as possible when dealing with drug quantities - overdosing on Dormicon is unlikely to be lethal, but there have been cases in which significant harm has been caused.

  • Dormicon
Dormicon is a brand of sleeping tablet, designed to help those with trouble sleeping deal with their problems. It is usually prescribed to an individual who can't sleep for other related medical reasons - for instance, due to pain from treatment. Those with specific sleeping problems such as restfulness will probably be given a slightly different drug.

Dormicon was once available over the counter from a pharmacist, without any prescription. Nowadays, this has changed - Dormicon can only be obtained through subscription by a doctor. If you have Dormicon that was purchased before this change took place, you should consult a doctor before taking the tablets. In most cases, visiting the doctor and gaining professional advice will help more than taking drugs obtained from a chemist.

  • Further advice
Never take medication unless it has been obtained from a high street chemist or prescribed by a doctor. Taking somebody else's medication could put you in significant danger; individuals often don't realize how strong a drug is. Visiting the doctor is the only recommended action if you are suffering from a medical problem.

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