What Is The Health Benefit For Drinking Dom Benedictine?


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Drinking DOM Benedictine has an image of providing health benefits, but like all alcoholic drinks, this is only in extreme moderation. Health benefits from alcohol are very much a side issue, although most companies like to play on and promote this image.

DOM was initially used for medicinal purposes but with medical advances it became more popular as an alcoholic drink and is best known as a drink rather than for any medical impact.

  • What does it taste like?

DOM has a herbal liqueur taste to it which many people find nutritious, it can often be served up within a meal and is popular with meat dishes. The recipe for DOM is a closely guarded secret retained with the Benedictine Abbey that it originated from.

  • Where is it from?

Drinks produced by religious orders tend to be have a more wholesome image with DOM, brewed at the Benedictine Abbey in Fecamp, Normandy, falling into that category.

Its religious connotations are, however, outweighed by the fact that it consists of 40% alcohol; making it a very potent drink that should only be consumed in extreme moderation whether or not the health benefits are being considered!

  • Should I drink DOM regularly?

Regular drinking of DOM won't provide you with any health benefits. It would be foolish to consume on the basis that it was for health reasons. If you wish to drink something for health reasons there are multitudes of drinks to choose from which are non-alcoholic and medicinal.

Many older people will enjoy a daily drink of DOM or an equivalent and feel that its rich warming taste and reputation will be beneficial, but that is mainly in the mind rather based on facts.
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Dom Benedictine is believed to bring "yang" (warm) qualities to convalescing mothers.  The Chinese have used this for years. One can add 1 cup of Benedictine to stewed chicken with ginger and soy sauce.  The result is a warm, nourishing and hearty meal for mothers.  The Chinese also believe that this meal adds to strengthening the mother's milk.  I hope you will find this useful.

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