What Is The Oblique Position?


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The 'oblique position' refers to a fetus lying diagonally in the womb. The best way to describe the situation is to imagine the baby's head resting in the mother's hip.

Baby in oblique position Normally, as a woman approaches the later stages of labor, a baby will lie longitudinally (vertically) with its head pointing down towards the birth canal.

Sometimes, a baby might be lying transversally, which means its body is sitting horizontally in the womb.

The oblique position is when the baby is lying in a diagonal angle. This position can cause complications because a fetus may struggle to realign itself in time for birth.

If you're a woman who's worried about your baby's position, rest assured that there's no reason to panic.

Often, doing prescribed exercises can coax the baby into a more suitable position. Once you've past the 30-week mark, a doctor will probably advise you on the best method for getting your baby to readjust the way it's lying.
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Baby in the mother's womb continue to change positions.

The position of the fetus in the mother's womb is called fetal presentation. Normal fetal presentation is vertex - which is head down in front of the birth canal.

If the fetal bottom is down in front of the birth canal, then presentation is called breech.

If the fetal head is more towards the mother' s pelvis, with its shoulder in front of the birth canal, then the presentation is called oblique.

If the fetus lies side to side across mother's pelvis, then it is in the transverse presentation. To view the oblique fetal presentation, click the view picture below.

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