What Should I Do With Bad Mouth Smell?


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You should also brush your tongue and use a tongue scrapper,which you purchase at most drug stores,the odor basically come from your stomach,make sure you are having daily stools,also ask your Dr to check for plax,keep all dental appointments and see if these things help,but the odor usually rises from the stomach good luck you can also eat raw parsly which absorbs odor.....
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Does your gums bleed because you have some of the symptoms of gingivitis so my advice is even after trying using mouth wash and it still doesn't help then you should visit the dentist because if it is what I think it is it could be very serious
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Some people carry a bacteria on their tongue and its too much bacteria that causes the foul smell, tell you Doc sure he can give you antibiotics for it
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Okay have you tried mouth wash or gargoling with perioxside that might help if it gets too bad I would see a doctor

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