What Meens High Mono Auto In Blood?


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I am not sure exactly what you are asking. So I will go with how it sounds. Mononucleosis is also called Epstein-Barr virus. It is therefore, passed from one person to another. It is a virus that gets in your bloodstream and causes a depletion of your autoimmune system.  It can take a while to thoroughly get over it. And in the meantime, you are prone to get influenza. Colds, and other things spread by viruses of other people. It is a herpes virus, so you may get sores on your lips and throat. Strep throat is very common to get after having this illness.  

Since it is a virus, there are no antibiotics that can be used for treatment. My doctor put me on particular vitamins, especially C and several of the B vitamins, but he also gave me vitamin B-12 shots. Some doctors don't think that those shots make a difference. I swear by them. It helped me a lot.

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