How Many Left-handed People Die Each Year Because They Use Products Meant For Righties? (I Think It Was Around One Or Two Thousand... Do You Know?)


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G'day Brav0zulu,

Thank you for your question.

More than 2,500 left-handed people are killed each year due to using right-handed products. Right handed power saws are the most deadly.

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William Harkin
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Thank you Keith.My southpaw son is always getting cuts and bruises.I'll print out your answer for him to see.
William Harkin
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Thank you Keith.My son is a southpaw,and is always coming home with cuts and bruises.I'll have to show him your answer,and warn him to take greater care at work.
That is an horrendous amount of people being killed,because they are left handed
William Harkin
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Very good answer Keith.I had no idea there were so many deaths a year,just because someone was a southpaw
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One of my sons is left handed,and is always getting cuts and bruises.I never put it down to him being a southpaw.
I'll have to print out Keiths answer,and show it to him.I bet he never knew so many southpaws died each year using right handed chainsaws.
Great question
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That Fact About The Saws Is Just Awful..  My Son Is Left Handed.. I Had No Idea That Many People Died That Way ..
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My question how many right-handed people die every year by trying to do like their left-handed cohorts.  I don't really think people die by trying to be better skilled.  I need to see that study is for real, I can't support it!

Sorry guys the only objective answer can come if you look at a control..the number of persons who get cuts from all the devises there fellow right had persons get cuts from.  The problem could lie in persons ability to co-ordinate; reaction time;skill appropriate level.  People with so called handicaps always know how to compensate if they have the "mind' to.
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Wasn't the phrase.. "south paw" coined on account of pitchers in baseball that are left handed and the way the most ballparks back in the day (not sure if they still build them this way).were constructed with the mound facing home plate was in a westerly when a left handed pitcher was on the mound....his throwing motion was from the south...
(facing west...your left arm is on the south side)
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I agree it isn't many but as a left handed individual I have come close to getting extremely hurt using things such as circular saws table saws and a whole slew of other devices....
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NOt suer, but that sounds about right...... Not as bad as it sounds though, when you think about the billions and billions of people there are!
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Left hand people don't live as long as right hand people.  True, check it out.. Sorry, leftys
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I'm a lefty and haven't died yet! Remember we are in our right mind (ha ha) anyway, if you are not comfortable with a situation that's geared for a righty you should compensate or get the proper tool

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