When I Wipe My Vagina Little Brown Flakes Come Off And On To The Toilet Pape. I Have Been Having This For About 4 Weeks. I Was Wondering If This Could Be A Sign That My First Period Is Coming?


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I'm 12
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Yes, it could. It also might be that you have already started your period. I would talk to a trusted adult about it. Ask your mom what age she started her period. Here are some tips...
1. Don't sweat, it's perfectly norma
2. Get an little purse and put a few pads in it just in case you haven't started and       you start at school
3. I would wear pantiliners, the make you feel cleaner

Hope I helped :)
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How old r you . If you have a gooey type thing in your pants your gunna start might be 4 weeks 1 year but if that happens ull probably start
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You need to consult your mother, so she can have "the talk" with you.   The best way to tell when your first cycle will start, is to talk with your mother to find out when she first received hers.   My first period was at the age of 11, my mom was the same..

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