What Is An "Embryo Transplant"?


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Embryo transfer or embryo transplant is the procedure by which an in-vitro fertilised egg is transferred to the uterus of the recipient. It also refers to the technique employed in animal breeding where the embryo is transferred to the recipient female animal's uterus from a super ovulated female one.

Embryo transplant is now used to give underproductive women a chance to have their own children. However the practice is more common in animal breeding, especially in the breeding of cows.

The process of embryo transfer in humans involves healthy embryos being placed within the uterus of the subject female in question through a thin tube that passes through the vagina and cervix. In England and New Zealand the practice is to limit the drop to two embryos but several embryos are in certain cases transferred to guarantee pregnancy.
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The process of an embryo transplant starts off with the embryo being removed from the mother at an early stage (before it’s cells have specialised).When the embryo is removed the cells are separated and left to grow in the laboratory for a while, they will then be transplanted into host mothers.
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There is two definitions for Embryo Transplant:
1.The process in which an egg that has been fertilized in vitro is transferred into a recipient's uterus.
2.A technique used in animal breeding in which an embryo from a
superovulated female animal is transferred to the uterus of a recipient
female animal.
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It is when a fertilized egg is placed inside a suitable and healthy uterus for growth and development.
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It is where a fertilised egg is shoved up in the uterus to a different animal of the same gender fo shizzle my nizzle

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