What Is Venlor?


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Venlor or Venlor XR is a generic drug manufactured by Cipla in doses of 75mg and 150mg of ten capsules each.

The drug Venlor XR or Venlafaxine is prescribed for mental depression, anxiety disorders or relive the symptoms of anxiety. In certain cases it can be advised to cope with panic attacks.

The medicine should be consumed after consulting with ones doctor and treatment should only be ceased after consulting ones doctor. The capsules are swallowed whole and are not to be chewed and they are taken with meals. The medicine is not recommended for children. Side effects may include drowsiness, nightmares, headaches, insomnia, dry mouth, weakness and anxiety.

In certain instances the doctor should be consulted as these are abnormal symptoms. They include blurred vision, excessive sweating, constipation, difficulty urinating and change in sex drive or ability.

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