Had A Bad Cough And Congestion. Doctor Prescribed An Antibiotic And MucinexDm. Both Have Eased Up A Lot, But Now Right Ear Is Blocked Up Like You Get On An Airplane. Started Yesterday. Can I Take A Wait And See Policy Or Do I Need To See Doctor Again?


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I am having cough and cold since last 3 days. Cough is not that severe but having through congestion .
It seems like my through gets some internal swelling.

I use to drink warm water that makes me feel better. But this is just a temporary solution, it is not curing me through congestion.

I am having some Antibiotics since last 2 days but its not affecting.

Should I consult  a Doctor?
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You have a clogged Eustachian tube (middle ear - often called the inner ear by mistake). It is behind the eardrum. It can drain on it's own and often does, when it does not you can try this clogged inner ear cure  I like to use www.earadicator.com or find others by searching Google for "clogged inner ear remedy". Earadicator offers very detailed step by step instructions and you can buy the items to do it at your local store. The site is not selling anything itself - just telling you how to clear your clogged up ear. And it works, you can read all the testimonials there. It seems to be quite amazing! If you are sure you have no wax build up in the outer ear canal, then you have to go at the blockage from the other side. If you feel sloshing, hear crackling or popping, or have severely reduced hearing this remedy can help you when nothing else seems to work.

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