The maintenance of material saved in memory is called __________. A. Processing B. Retrieval C. Storage D. Encoding?


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All of these terms are legitimate when considering the way data is managed in a computer system. Maintenance sounds most closely associated with processing.  

  • Processing
Processing is the way that a computer manipulates any kind of data, including stories in its memory. There are several sub-categories of processing which we will look at here, but the short definition of processing could be said to be 'doing work'. Centralized processing began in the 50s. It is when a single machine processes data from a cluster of terminals.

Distributed processing is the situation where multiple computers are doing different tasks throughout an organization. Batch processing is when a computer performs the same operation on a group of files at once. Multiprocessing means simultaneous processing within a single computer using several processors. 

  • Retrieval
Retrieval is the process of accessing information from memory or other storage devices such as hard drives, CDs, DVDs, memory sticks and on-board memory.

  • Storage
Storage is where digital data is held. It can refer to devices such as CDs, DVDs, hard drives and memory sticks. It can also refer to memory chips within the machine but not to main memory which is a temporary workspace.

  • Encoding
Encoding is when the computer turns data in to a symbolic form. It is what the machine must to to turn all kinds of information in to something it recognizes and can store.   

So the answer to your question really depends on the definition of maintenance. If we take that to be a general term then performing any kind of work on data in memory is surely processing.
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A. Processing

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