How Long Does 30mg Of Vyvanse Stay In Your System After Swallowing It?


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30 mg of Vyvanse should stay in your bloodstream for forty-eight hours after it was last consumed, although this figure will vary from individual to individual.

Vyvanse may still be present in other areas of the body for longer than the above time period.

Other factors will also contribute to how long it takes for the drug to leave your system:
  • People have varying rates of metabolism. The quicker your metabolic rate, the faster a substance will be ejected from your system.
  • The amount that has been taken will also have an effect on how long it takes for the medication to leave your body. The higher the dosage, the longer it stays in your system.
  • Other factors such as a person's age, weight and gender can also have an effect on the time it takes for substances to leave the body.
  • Regardless of the above, Vyvanse can still be detected in the hair follicles of a user for anything up to three months after it was last consumed.

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