What Does Ophthalmic Mean?


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The term ophthalmic is an adjective meaning of or pertaining to the eye; that is, ocular. It could also mean of or pertaining to ophthalmology.

It could also be used to mean situated near the eye. It may mean draining or supplying the eye or structures in the area of the eye. A related term is the ophthalmic nerve, which is a branch of the trigeminal nerve. This ophthalmic branch carries only sensory fibers. It goes by the cavernous sinus, exiting the skull by means of the superior orbital fissure.

Another related term is ophthalmology, that branch of medicine dealing with the surgery and diseases of the visual pathways; this includes the eye and brain. Ophthalmology has its roots in the Greek term ophthalmos, meaning eye and the term logos meaning word; thus literally coming to mean "The science of eyes."
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Ophthalmic is term that is related to the eye. Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine. It is concerned with the various diseases of the eye and their cure. It is a word derived from the Greek language. It is taken from the words ophthalmos that means eye and logos which indicate words. Thus Ophthalmology literally conveys that it is the science of the eyes. A doctor of the eye is known as the ophthalmologist.

Ophthalmic is also the descriptive term used for the eye. It also means anything related to ophthalmology. Ophthalmology is a science that dates back to 1805. It is also concerned with the anatomy, functions and the pathology of the eye.
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Opthalmic is a term which relates to eye and its diseases.

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