Can You Get A Blood Clot In The Fingers And Thumb?


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Yes, I had one. I had to have it removed due to the fact it was about to travel to my heart from what the doctor's said. It started out as a small bump, then became larger and larger. It then became painful and started to enlarge my vein and turn purple on my arm. I rushed myself to the hospital because of the pain. It felt like my thumb was going to explode. I spent 3 days in the hospital. Take it seriously and have it checked out.
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I had a clot in my thumb about 15 years ago.   My thumb started to shrivel and it took them 6 weeks to figure out why.   To diagnose they ran several tests, but by putting little blood pressure cups on my fingers they found the problem.   It was a clot.   I was put on aspirin therapy.   They checked again after a couple of weeks and the clot was gone.   I took aspirin for 15 years until I developed a DVT in my calf.   Now I get to take coumadin for that.
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Yes you can.but it isn't nothing like the clots that you can get in your legs.or other parts of your body..    Take care..  

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