What Is The Best Type Of Underwear For A Boy To Wear To Hide His Bulge?


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Devices called gaffs or cache-sexe can be used to hide a bulge, although they don't sound particularly comfortable.

They are designed to 'smooth out' or 'flatten' a man's crotch area, disguising any evidence of male genitalia.

How to hide your bulge 
These devices are popular among transvestites and transsexuals, and can be bought pretty much anywhere (here's an example of one on sale via the popular internet retail website Amazon.com).

In my opinion though, hiding your bulge is completely counter-intuitive. As one GQ magazine article put it: "We are roosters, not capons!". I definitely subscribe to the school of thought that if you've got it, you should flaunt it.

Obviously, if you're more interested in dancing at the Rio carnival in a pair of spandex shorts with a Brazilian man you met in the bathrooms at Stansted Airport, then that's a different matter all together... 

In that case, you may be also be interested in a method known as the 'tuck and tape', where a male uses adhesive tape to disguise certain parts of his anatomy.

However, I'd recommend you really consider whether this is something that you want to do - manhood is something you should be proud of, regardless of your sexuality.

You wouldn't catch Bradley Wiggins taping his crotch down before slipping into his cycling shorts, would you?
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Boxers... But if you plan on joining the track team and running a lot, well, they are not all the best for that jostling!

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