How long does meth stay in your system when snorted?


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Normally amphetamines/ methamphetamines are out of metabolic system for 5-10 days, approx detection time in Urine for
Amphetamines 2-4 days after use/
Methamphetamines stay in the system slightly longer 3-6 days. Detection for both can be longer , depending on amount and how often you use, your metabolic rate, etc..
Also you can buy a urine
home drug test ( includes methamphetamines/ amphetamines panel) from most pharmacy and test your
first morning pee, with the highest concentration (wait at least 3-4

Have on mind  the cutoff concentration for some home test  is1000 ng/ml but many Labs use 500 ng/ml for initial test and 250 ng/ml cutoff for conformation GC/MS test.
Detection period for standard hair drug test is 90 days.
Saliva drug test-1-3 days and longer
Blood test- 2-5 days and longer

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