Is it normal for a 15-year-old boy to want to wear girl diapers?


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In my Honors English 10 class, we are reading about non-conformity and doing what you feel is right, rather than what others view as acceptable or correct.

According to what is expected and accepted as "normal", a 15 year old boy/girl shouldn't be wearing any kind of diapers.
However, that's just social and cultural norms—if you want to wear diapers, I guess that's fine. You're not harming anybody.
 It really shouldn't matter to us what other people think, and we should try to be non-conformists unless it is conformity that we want. You might want to consider the fact that wearing diapers could increase the chances of infections and rashes, though.
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It's actually pretty normal, although a lot of people won't admit that it is.

A lot of boys (including myself) are interested in diapers, girls clothes and stuff like that, but most of us won't tell people about it. My parents say that it's only a phase.
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Hey Timmy... No its not normal. Its against the social norms , you don't see other people wanting to wear diapers , then again I guess people who do feel like this wouldn't want to voice this to the public. So first of all I'd like to say you are very brave to put this out here!

Secondly , its not normal because most people wouldn't wear diapers , but that does not mean it should stop you. Afterall you're not harming anyone , you are simply doing what you want and there is nothing wrong with that. We have freewill to do as we please and this is your choice Timmy , nobody else's so please do not feel pressured by these social norms set by the rest of us.

Of course you will get abuse and hate from other people , some people will not be as kind to you about it. But then if nobody knows , then nobody can judge you. People will forever remain selfish and abusive and that is just human nature , you will need to overcome them , afterall there are many things we all do that aren't at all "normal". For example when you are at a restauraunt , you don't eat the way you would eat at home , you eat politely and as nicely as possible whereas when you're at home you be as messy as you want because its your private space and you can do as you please! So if or when these people decide to pass judgement on you , just remember that they are not perfect themself. You are fine the way you are , it may seem absurd to us but there are things I may do and say that may be absurd to you! Good Luck and God Bless!

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I didn't think it was normal until I became a teen and found the DPF teen babies forum online. It was great to meet so many other teens that were enjoying diapers. Nolonger did I feel ashamed about tinkling and making poos in my diapers. I don't use them every day, but for some reason, stress melts away when I potty in a diaper or goodnite. As for a boy wearing girl's pullups.. It really doesn't matter. I have tried many kinds.. They all seem about the same far as boy versions vs boy versions.  Goodnites claim the versions are different,  cause he pees up front and she pees in the middle... But in reality they are about the same. Wear what makes you happy.

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Okay, now that is just weird.
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It might not be considered 'normal' by social or cultural standards, but that doesn't mean he can't do so if he wishes. There's no harm in it. Perhaps try being a little more helpful or constructive with your answers in future? There's no need to make him feel bad about himself.
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No, not unless you're a girl and have a period—and girls with their periods wear pads or sanitary napkins etc., but guys don't get periods, so there'd be no need to wear a diaper unless you're incontinent.

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