Assume you are a nursing aid and your nurse-supervisor orders you to catheterize a patient. This procedure is beyond the scope and training of your job. What should you do?


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April Hernandez Profile
April Hernandez answered
Tell your supervisor you would not be comfortable doing it its not in your job description and if you made a hole in the patients bladder there would be a law suite and a mal practice suite and you would both get into trouble tell your supervisor you are looking out for both your jobs I understand its your supervisor so maybe you can say hey I will do it as soon as I recieve the proper training.  Good luck
Meta Forrest Profile
Meta Forrest answered
You explain to her, out of the hearing of the patient, that you have not been shown how to do that procedure . She obviously thinks that you are trained to do it,
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Tell her this as its against most state laws to do something outside your scope of abilities in Nursing and she may be testing you too here so don't do it and let her know

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