What are you thinking right now at this moment?


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Steve Robinson answered
I'm thinking about how to say "Goodbye" to someone I care about... And don't want to say it.  Shouldn't have to say it.
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Jasmine Haha answered
I'm thinking about this question and how I should answer it because I'm thinking about this question and how I should answer it. CONFUSING HUH ?! Well I'm also thinking that I'm tired and I should go to sleep :(
I'm thinking if I want to buy a certain product.
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Which product are you thinking about buying? With me it is a new cell phone.
I have menopause problems.i'm thinking about buying
" RELIV. " it's so expensive.but-it's the only thing out there to help me.
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Sorry to hear that. Spend the money and feel better.
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I can't wait until I've improved my skills!
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Woow that is pretty amazing that he can do 200 now! But only 5 a day? He did them in the morning or the evening? And when did he add more then? Please tell me!
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He has to ride a exercise bike every morning for his heart. He does the pushups right after. Every three or four days he would add one or two more. It took a few years to build up to the 200. It is sad. He is 82 and in better shape then me.
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*than me. Yes but really your dad is cool! I am going to do the same as him! Thank you really really really super much!
roseline franklin Profile
I am thinking that I should go for river rafting this summer.
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Janey answered
I'm thinking why won't HBO make another series of the excellent Sopranos.
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vickie hoo answered
How hard to grow up a son such as my husband, so respect my mother-in-law and father-in-law.

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