How do I find happiness?


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Happiness is a mental state associated with positive emotions, ranging from contentment to intense joy. Many sources have devoted a lot of time to trying to understand it more fully, for various religious, biological, psychological and philosophical reasons, and the enigma that surrounds 'what is happiness' has led to many studies into its properties and how we might attain it.

Religious and philosophical leaders define happiness as having a good life and/or flourishing, rather than as simply an emotion.

Happiness economics is a suggestion that happiness should be measured, and used to supplement traditional economic measures, when evaluating the success of public policies.

Contrary to popular belief, various studies have found that the things typically associated with happiness - money, the weather, and education etc. - don't affect a person's mood in the same ways that we might expect.

Indeed, it has been found that human beings are at their happiest when they do one or all of the following:

  • Experience pleasure (i.e. Hearty meals, nice long warm baths)
  • Engage in an enjoyable, yet challenging activity
  • Find themselves in all manner of relationships - social connections have been found to be a more-than-reliable indicator of happiness
  • Give their lives meaning - which means having a perceived 'quest', or a feeling of belonging to something bigger
  • Realize tangible goals, or accomplishments.
So, it would seem the happiness can be found, not through wealth or good weather as is often thought, but rather through life's small pleasures: The friends and relationships you have, and the goals that you accomplish.
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Hey , I don't think I have much advice, but I know what you mean. I used to think more money would make me happier, but not at all. Sometimes I take a vacation, but it doesn't really help.

I can remember the times I was happy, though, what it felt like. I just have no idea how I got there or how to get back there. I know it's all a state of mind, how you take things, how you see things.

It does help me to start each morning with a smile, and wonder what the day will bring.

I have noticed, though, how much more people are drawn to you when you are truly happy. I feel you shouldn't have to force yourself to be happy, but I am starting to believe it's neccessary when you are at a low point in your life.

Sometimes It helps me to think I don't care what anyone else thinks of me, just to do my own thing.

It's funny how we have to fight our own brains sometimes, but yeah, it really is "just all in your head".
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Happiness is not found, I promise you, in someone else. The idea that someone else completes you is marvellously romantic, but utter tosh. Unless you are complete, you will feel the hole, because another person can't fill your space.

Happiness cannot be found at the bottom of a whiskey glass or chocolate wrapper, or in mindless sex and drugs. We look for happiness in all the wrong places, and the fulfillment is always fleeting and sadly leaves us more empty than before.

Happiness comes from small acts of fulfilment that glow brightest when you are doing things for other people.

When you share, when you are good to people, when you do things for people, and when you refrain from cutting people down verbally, you find a kind of inner happiness, a light or peace that fills you when you give yourself away more.
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To find true happiness is to enter into a relationship with God. If you want to know more, let me know, and I will tell you how to enter into that relationship with God.
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Finding happiness is quite easy. Most of times you'll find it within yourself. The key, I guess, is in being content.
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You may have heard that life is a mind game.Well, it really is. Try to meditate - it is the simplest way to be happy. Some useful tricks are as follows:

First, you close your eyes, inhale deeply and hold the air in your lungs for some time,then exhale slowly.

You'd better do this for five or six times. Don't open your eyes and try to see your loved one.

This is the way I refresh myself. This surely will work for you, too...I think.
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You can find happiness when you have also time for yourself. Take 10 minutes for yourself, and go to a public garden, lay on the grass, look at the sky and think about good things that you've done (think only positive thoughts). Do it as often as you can.

Another thing is to encourage yourself by giving a small gift to yourself for every good thing that you've done.

Another thing is to sleep 8 hours and not less - sometimes, when you have a lack of sleep, you feel bad.
if you do these things, I'm sure that you'll be blissful and content with your life!

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  • When you help others in need
  • When you share your parents' burden
  • When you care for animals in distress
  • When you are well-set in achieving your goals
and most importantly, when you are honest enough to avoid anything that will be not truly satisfying to you, then you'll find the answer for your question, practically-speaking.
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Happiness is the little things in life. I cannot tell you what makes you happy or how to run your life, but many things make me happy.

To me, happiness is swinging on the swing set with a friend. Happiness is splashing through the hose. Happiness is buying a treat at the candy store. Happiness is curled up in bed with a book.

Happiness is finding time to play with your pet. Happiness is hiking and exploring what's out there. And happiness is taking pride in what you do.

Love yourself like you would a son or daughter. You'd be surprised.
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Believe me, happiness is not something that one needs to look for; happiness will find you wherever you are, whoever you are, whenever you deserve it!

However, the secret to gaining happiness, and having it find you, is to maintain a positive outlook towards life, and to get rid of all the negative.

I know it sounds too complicated, but you can start gradually, by finding pleasure in all the small things of life, and taking time to enjoy the happiness that they bring you, like the smile of a newborn baby, or the colors of a glorious sunrise, or even the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee.

When you start to smile at these simple things, you will find that you have started to develop a positive outlook, and that your thoughts are not negative any more.

You will be a positive and a better-adjusted individual, and happiness will find its way to you..
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Happiness comes from within and Jesus can give it to you for free. He will fill your soul with joy and love, and so much happiness that you will even bring joy to others. I know because I have experienced it myself and still am.

It is the most amazing feeling that someone loves you enough to do anything for you. Those who have children imagine sacrificing them for those that sin. You wouldn't, and I wouldn't either, but God did.

Here are some Bible verses that might help. Anybody can experience the love of Christ and his joy.

  • Psalm 97:11-12 - "Light is shed upon the righteous and joy on the upright in heart. Rejoice in the LORD, you who are righteous, and praise his holy name."
  • Isaiah 55:12 - "You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands."
  • John 16:22 - "So with you: Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy.".
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All of our feelings, whether happy, angry, sad, etc, are within our own control. Happiness isn't found outside ourselves.

We decide how we will feel about something based on conclusions we've drawn about life's circumstances. So, several people, being in the same situation, will feel several different ways about it, because we each generate our own feelings. We each decide what meaning to make of something, and then the feelings emanate from that.

We can train ourselves to be less reactive, more accepting, and more open to experience whatever may come, without judging it as good or bad. We can do this by accepting that to judge something as good or bad is pretty much arbitrary.

If we allow ourselves to be open to whatever presents itself, without trying to avoid or seek a specific situation, then we are well on our way to contentment, and occasional bouts of happiness.
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*First of all, have faith in God (believe in God).
*And then constantly remember him, praise him (in your heart or aloud).
God the Almighty says in the Qur'an:
"Verily! Only in the dhikr (rememberance) of Allah will your heart find peace."
(Surah 13: Verse 29)
*Many experiments/surveys have proven that those who believe in God are more (psychologicaly) healthy than those who do not believe in God. They are also less depressed.
*Those who do not believe in God often end up comitting suicide due to misery, or not being able to live a satisfactory life, frustration e.t.c.
If you really want true happines, seek it through God!
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Happiness is not found, but it is made. It's difficult for you to find people who make you happy - but you have the option of making people, and yourself, happy.
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You can't find happiness, happiness finds you: Say if you were in a relationship and that person made you feel special... Happiness will find you.
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Come on, man. Where is happiness? The solution is so easy. Think what you eat, and what people eat in Somalia. So, happiness is in your life and around you - you just don't find it.

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