What are the sense organs in the human body?


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There are five sense organs in the human body; these are the eyes, the ears, the tongue, the skin and the nose. Basically speaking, the sense organs are the organs of the body that are responsible for controlling our senses. So what do these five sense organs actually do?


Our eyes control the sense of sight. The eyes are one of our most used senses in that whenever our eyes are open they are working to analyze the world around us. Although the eyes are relatively small, they are quite complex and very intricate.


The ears control our hearing sense. Your ears are again, very complex for their size. Their job is to collect sounds from the environment we are in, process them and send signals to the brain for us to understand the noise we hear. As with the eyes, the ears are in use a lot of the time; even when you don't realize it, they are processing the noises around you.


The tongue controls our sense of taste. Taste is a sense different to the others in that we almost actively choose what we want to taste. The taste buds on your tongue are the little bumps you can see; different parts of your tongue are used to taste different flavors, for example, sweet or sour.


The nose is responsible for our sense of smell. However, in addition to this it also plays a part in our ability to taste. Next time you are eating something quite strong flavored hold your nose and you will see that you cannot taste as normal. You will be able to detect whether your food is sweet or savory as your tongue is responsible for that, but more delicate taste is sensed by the nose.


The skin controls our sense of touch. The skin is the body's largest organ and has lots of many important uses as well as its contribution to helping us touch and feel things.

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