What is a safety measure?


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Safety measures are the precautions taken to maximize health and safety, usually in the work place or public places. Most work places will have policies in place to ensure the health and safety of staff and others who could be affected by such issues and will have a certain member of staff responsible for the upkeep of this policy.

Preventable Incidents

Accidents and deaths in the workplace and in public places are more often than not caused by something that could have been prevented through tighter safety measures. This does not mean that anyone is directly to blame for the incidents, however, with more focus on health and safety many incidents could be avoided.

Possible safety measures

Safety measures are generally directly relevant to the business or location in question. Here are some possible examples:

In jobs where lifting is common practise it is likely that all staff will undergo specific training on how to safely lift. Lifting items incorrectly can cause damage to the back which can be irreversible.

Jobs that are already somewhat dangerous will have even more safety measures to ensure that their job is done as safely as possible. Lifeguards undergo extensive training to ensure that everything they do is as safe as possible. Small safety measures such as walking when on poolside can prevent incidents from occurring.

Even jobs that may not appear to be particularly hazardous will have safety measures in place. For example, in an office, staff may be asked to avoid leaving boxes in fire exits or do not use certain machinery without instruction.

Basically speaking, all safety measures are simply put in place to minimize the risk of injury or accidents in all public and work places.

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