Why Is Relaxation Important For An Actor?


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Relaxation is important to the actor for a number of reasons. The process of performing on stage is something that creates mental and physical stress on the performer and this impedes the high quality production of the actor (the same would be said of the dancer, musician, singer etc.)

Relaxation techniques allow the performer to identify areas of physical tension and to reduce them through breathing techniques. This in turn tends to reduce the amount of mental stress that the performer is under.

Breathing from the nose is different from breathing from the mouth. I was taught both ways but have discovered that breathing from the mouth tends to be a lot less chestal and shoulder tension related and releases a small muscle down in the abdomen which allows a deeper sense of relaxation.

Performers who are tense, tend to look tense, forget things, perform poorly, relaxation is one step to prepare the performer for optimum performance.

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