What Are The Risks Associated With Abusing Barbiturates?


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Barbiturates are a strong depressant, not widely used now but sometimes used within a hospital setting or as treatment for conditions such as epilepsy and some types of mental illness.
The risks to anyone abusing bariturates are significant due to the fact that they can slow down the heart rate and breathing. An overdose can lead to a coma, brain damage or even death. Some people are more susceptible to the drug than others, so it can present significant dangers.
Some people have injected barbiturates and this obviously carries with it the risk of HIV and Hepatitis C, if needles are shared.
Barbiturates work by significantly relaxing the body and thereby reducing tension and anxiety. When someone is in a heightened state of tension or may be experiencing some kind of psychosis, then obviously a barbiturate will take them 'down' towards a more normal level. However, if someone is already on that level and then takes the drug it can reduce their body's capacity to function effectively, which is obviously dangerous.

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