My Feline Is Drinking Water But Not Eating. HE Was Vomiting Blood But Is Keeping Water Down. He Is Not Active But He Does Get Up And Moves By Himself. Can You Help?


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Vomiting blood is not normal and is a cause for concern.  It is also not good when cats stop eating and become lethargic.  These signs are vague and can be seen with many diseases.  Your cat may have problems with the kidneys, liver, toxin exposure, bleeding disorders or primary gastrointestinal concerns like stomach ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, viral infections, and neoplasia.
Your cat needs to be examined by a veterinarian.  Diagnostics may include blood work, x-rays, or ultrasound.  Treatment for the primary condition can be started as well as supportive care.  Cats can develop a secondary condition called hepatic lipidosis (aka fatty liver disease) from not eating so it is important to treat anorexia as quickly as possible.
Treatment at home will not be effective because your cat is vomiting.

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HE is not vomiting anyloner and keeping food down when give in a syringe. NO longer vomiting. Money is an issue.

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