What Is Blood-letting?


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In modern medicine, blood-letting is known as phlebotomy. It has existed from ancient times upto the latter part of the 19th century. It involves the withdrawal of a large amount of blood from a patient. Doctors in the olden times believed that the ancient practice of blood-letting was an effective method for curing a great number of diseases and ailments.

The efficiency of the practice of blood-letting has not been proven yet. Modern medical science has undergone a great deal of change and blood-letting was one of those practices that has now gradually been done away with, except for a few specific illnesses, for which blood-letting is still considered to be an effective treatment.

In the earlier days, blood-letting was considered to be an effective treatment for hypertension. The reason doctors gave for this was that bloodletting had a beneficial effect on the patient as the reduction in the volume of blood after it was withdrawn temporarily reduced the blood pressure of the patient.

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