What Factors Influence The Rate Of Expiration In A Healthy Individual?


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The Rate of Expiration means how fast or how long before the person dies. Factors that influence the rate of expiration are as follows: Genetic influence (is the healthy person going to remain healthy based on his genetic makeup, or did a healthy person inherit some kind of adult onset disease (Diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, hypertension, arthritis, etc)?). Life Habits or Environment (Does the person live in a highly polluted city?), does he/ she smoke?, does he/ she drink alcohol?, eat bad foods with high cholesterol?. Does the person get proper nutrition? Life Experiences (Does the person have a tragic event that may indirectly affect his/ her health?). If the person is both Mentally and Physically healthy, then ENVIRONMENT is a major contributor to their time of expiration. Environment can also include friends, family, educational level of his doctors, sophistication of his clinic / hospital.

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