WHY Can't Cigarette Companies Take Chemicals 'OUT' Instead Of Putting More IN?


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Well I'm not that smart to answer this question but I'll just give a try.

I learned about smoking and cigarette this year in school. It contains many different chemicals, especially tar and nicotine. Tar causes you lung cancer, while nicotine is a kind of drug that makes you addicted to and fall for cigarette more and more.
The more nicotine is put into the cigarette, the more harder for people to quit smoking. This will give profit to the company but a real big lose to the world. A big amount of people will die.
If putting nicotine gives profit to the company, then of course they'll put more chemicals into the cigarette instead of taking out, which will give them a lose.

Hope my answer answers your question. Tcarez
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I quite smoking about 10 years ago.  Never was a heavy smoker, maybe 6-8 of menthol a day.  But I noticed "they" had put something in them even more addicting than when I first started smoking!  Definitely harder to quit now days!  The big ban is on quitting smoking but the government regulations for the tobacco companies have been laxadazical.  It's money and power but the money and power is not to be shared with smokers...just the cancer.  Very sad.
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I hear that American Spirit and Winston are additive free
cigarettes.  I would think with the trend toward organic and
additive free products, more cigarette companies might follow.
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Grow and roll your own! Tobacco is not illegal!  You can even eliminate some of the toxins by organic growing.  Saves money too!
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They do that because they only care about money and sometimes pleasing a customer. They make so much money, even with the chemicals they put in cigarettes, that it wouldn't be worth it to take some out!
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Government regs brought about the current additive which makes your butt go out quick. In the past there have been additives meant to increase the addictiveness which to me is insane as the durn things are about as addictive as anything in existence. Took a good strong case of terminal cancer to get me to quit.
I say we expect pure tobacco why can't we have simple tobacco?♥
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It's much easier to combine chemicals than it is to separate them.
Try this experiment: Take a glass of water;
Add 2 drops of blue dye;
Now, remove the dye from the water.
Which was easier?
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God put those things in there to stop you from smoking! You coughed bad after your first puff! That was his warning to you!

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