If i quit doing drugs then shaved my hair 15 days from being clean will drugs still show up with new growth?


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Then they would know for sure you were hiding something.DUH!. : ).from experience you are not going to be able to hide drug use and if they think your hiding drug use then they will make sure to either not hire you if your looking for a job or they will make sure to do a unscheduled drug test,so you will not be able to wise up /sober up before hand. We had guys/temps try this and they were always caught /fired.then the information is put in their permanet file for the next employer to read about their habits. And yes ,since your not pulling the root out the drugs would most likely show up in the hair .criminals always think they will never get caught and we both know that is not the case. This is why we have stupid criminal video shows  all over the internet. And no I am not calling you stupid ,maybe dumb if your using drugs and trying to figure out a way to hide it while destroying your life,now that is really dumb. Remember you asked the question. It amazes me to watch drug users throw away their life not to mention 10's of thousand s of dollars  when they could put that energy to use becoming educated and wealthy and living the good life instead of slowly ruining their life and their families,friends lifes by making them live through it while the drug users destroys themself over time.oh! And this is all to say if you are actually using drugs/in other words a what if scenario.
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I stopped doing drugs and now trying to better myself and have a good job offer .I just wanted to be on the safe side .Yes i have made mistakes but trying to better myself
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Let's put it this way if you are cleaned up and trying then i hope you do pass your tests,but if your still using then you need to be caught and sent into treatment.not saying this to put you down just being honest.
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Let's put it this way- my friend failed his drug test after taking pain killers prescribed by a dentist.thank god they understood and let him test agian a few days later or he would have lost his job.

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