What Triggers Palpitations?


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It sound like a panic or anxiety attack, with panic though, you tend to have thoughts like, "Oh, I'm having a heart attack, I'm going to die", or "what's wrong with me, I don't know what's going on here, I hope I'm not dying".
Anxiety is very close to panic attacks. So similar, that they are usually put together when diagnosed by a doctor. Anxiety, though usually is associated with social behavior, and you often wonder if people are looking at you and know what you might be thinking, or you are afraid of that they are thinking about you.
You should go and talk to a doctor about this, sometimes if a stressful situation goes away, the attacks will too, but you need to know how to get through an attack, so you should get seen, o.k.. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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I get heart palpitations often. I have a mitral valve prolapse, basically a valve that is lazy and stretchy in my heart, sometimes that causes my palpitations. Sometimes it is the unholy amount of caffeine I tend to consume in the varies teas and coffees I brew throughout the day, it can also be from a medication you are taking or something as simple as stress. I cut all of the caffeine out of my diet for a while, testing what caused them and still got them. Any chemical change in your body's chemistry can bring them on and some people never experience the fair and discomfort they bring. The reason I started smoking at the age of fourteen was because my doctor told me that nicotine relaxes you and can counteract the palpitations... He failed to mention (although I knew and didn't care) how addictive cigarettes are. I smoked until I was pregnant because of it. (haven't smoked since) Blood pressure changes can make them go away, if you are standing lie down for a while and stand up fast, (it can make you pass out so make sure someone is around or that you will fall on your bed. (this is my most common method) if it's warm outside, take a cold shower or put ice on your wrists and neck. (a cold shower is more effective) you can also do breathing exercises, I do yoga daily(off and on... Been bad this week) the breathing never helps me, holding my breath until I think I am going to pass out helps sometimes, but I don't think it's very safe. You can also just wait them out, it's annoying and painful but they'll go away. Hope you feel better.
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I'm curious about the possible blood pressure connection. I had some success in the past with holding my breath as well, it's kind of a 'reset'. Lying down at the hospital seemed to help the most, you would think that would be a natural thing to do when not feeling well but I guess we naturally try to maintain control...which probably exacerbates the problem. (did I spell that right?)

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