Where Do You Find Condoms?


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If you have to ask that question for starters, you should not be on here. You need to take time and sit down with an adult who cares about you and let them tell you, from Scripture preferably, about sex and that sex is for marriage and not for just messing around. God created sex and it is a gift from Him for marriage.
You will scar yourself emotionally if you get involved with sex before marriage. I hope you take this advise serious.
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I'm agreeing with Tmbaker. I have only ever met one person that had waited until marriage to lose her virginity and she absolutely despised it. They were divorced almost two years later and she explored what she now had knowledge of. Though continuing with this subject is and will go nowhere, its entirely off topic. The question was where to get condoms. Its a good answer as some people, people coming into their own sexuality, do not know where to get them. Your answer, should not be here.
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Well, to be honest with you both, it is not me you disagree with; it is God. God put in place, in His Word, that sex is for a married couple. I made the big mistake not to wait and I have to suffer the consequences but I did find out as I came to know Jesus Christ as my savior, that this was a really bad decision. Sex is so abused by everyone and you two are giving this person sinful advice. If you have a bible, read the book of I Corinthians and you will see.
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Listen, i understand how religious you are. I myself am a baptist. But like kerkain said, the question was about condemns, not whether or not he should have sex. If you want to believe it's sinful, then so be it. But i myself have 2 kids and i'm not married. But i don't think God is going to condemn me. Children are gifts from the Lord and if he wanted me to wait until i was married, i highly doubt he would have allowed me to give birth to my two beautiful little boys. So now can we drop this?
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From the store
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You can go to a pharmacy or a regular store
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You find them in Medical shops.
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Quite a few doctors or family practices can provide you with condoms free of charge. If that is not an option you can goto any store these days and there is a section for condoms.

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