When You Are Ill, Do You Prefer To Be Taken Care Of, Or Just Left Alone?


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I like very little attention,but I do not run people off you need people,but not the bothersome how do you feel now,believe it or not you just asked that 2 minutes ago when someone is caring they don't count time because to them minutes seem like hours,perhaps the sick has drifted off to sleep and to be awakened just to ask how you feel now can be anoring to the sick sleep is the best medicine,not a lack of appreciation,but do allow for the person to awke on his/her own,so I guess aminute amount of caring if I need help I will call out..good luck and I respect others that way,not mean,if you notice how they clear accident scenes,sometimes ones kindness can create more harm then good...trust this and there are others that feel the same way,no harm intended.....  
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In the hospital you see a nurse most time once every 3 to 4 unless you call and need help......
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Yeah girl in that case yes because that out of it you need close watching out for to make sure you get that water in you,although in the hospital they will do the IV thing so they won't have to worry about if you are taking as much fluid as needed,but girl do keep your fluid up,because you can be dehydrated and not know it....Thanks Doll
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Gosh, I get this answer back and forth. Sickness and in health! Thank you!
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When I want something I feel guilty in asking for it, and then when I get up to get it, the hubby will get mad at me for not asking him, I do the same to him, but he keeps getting his thing whatever it is. I will lay back down, and know that I made the effort to get it. I don't mind that going that way, but I don't like people hovering, and he doesn't. I am a hoverer, and I have to remember that the hubby and the Tigger don't like me doing that. So I will wait to hear the faintest mom, or honey, and boom, I am Johnny on the spot. Lmao roff Great question dear. Love you, Tigg
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I would prefer to be left alone.  I don't get sick that much but when I do I get cranky, so its safer for everyone involved to just stay away. Besides I like to do things on my own. Unfortunately, I have to many kids to be left alone to fend for myself. I still have to take care of my kids and hubby {who is my oldest child} so I really don't get to make that choice.  

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