Does Getting Pregnant And Having A Baby Ever Work As A Strategy To Make A Man Fall In Love With You?


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I do not believe because if this man has a brain then he will see that u set him up and he will not have respect for you. Unfortunately, in today's society, no one HAS to marry just cuz she becomes pregnant. Getting pregnant YOUNG is a HUGE mistake and if a girl does this then, I feel, she has a low self esteem, is unstable and full of deceit. Nothing is right about this. The worse part is that this baby will be doomed from the start because the baby will have a very immature crazy mother.
Children need stability and they are a very BIG handful and a huge commitment for L I F E.
To top it off, just think, if u were the baby would u want a parent like this????
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Mine was an accidental pregnancy. However I see women using pregnancy to entrap men. It disgusts me.
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Kudos to u, Pencil. This is a success story that I love to hear. You turned your life around and made ur baby's life successful. My daughter was born when I was 34 and basically the same has happened to me. ALL children are good but the ones who have DIRECT caring and loving parents are the ones who thrive in our society. In our cases it was only one parent. But, ours was better, I believe because we were older and had the resources to make their life better.
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I just re read my comments and would like to clarify. I married at 32 and thought he was a good moral man who I had waited for, so to speak. We met in the Chagos Archipeligos, married in Bahrain (both American military) moved to Guam and had our baby. Then moved to HIS home state of Louisiana where fortunately, I was able to find a great job. Time passed when our daughter was 11, we found that he had a GF so I divorced him. (con't)
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Generally not, but if you look at homicide statistics in the US, getting pregnant is one of the most common ways for a woman to get herself killed. So I guess you could say that they got the 'till death do us part' bit right...
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Very insightful, I keep telling people that being pregnant is a risk for women to be murdered. So many people have not realized that murder is the number one cause of death to pregnant women.
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I (personally) would say to these (girls) & (women) _wake up_!!! This is not what will make a man fall in love with them, much less (bind) him to them...they are finding new born babys and toddlers in trash cans and shallow graves without missing a beat every (week) now... In today"s news i can only wonder (what) the (name) or (sex) of the (child) they find will be next. Not (if) but (who)??? And this is the (saddest) of thong or pin in regards to how some (girls) & (women) are (desperately) off base with  (how) to make a man fall in love (or) bind him to them.  Good question here if i might add.  My regards, (guest)
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I'm sure many men have taken circumstances into consideration and stayed in a relationship for this and other reasons and made a marriage out of it that other words they figured at one point in their life they were going to be married to someone and have children although it was not quite like they had planned but many peoples lives do not turn out the way they had planned.basically what i am saying is they did what they would have done if they were married in the first place and had a unplanned pregnancy. Or as the old saying goes time wounds all heels and heals all other words they worked past this trap if you other words at some point the woman/girl will realize it was wrong to do this and will probably make her a better person if she reaches that point in her life. Now if the baby was not the man's(proved by dna test) then that would be another story.would depend again on the situation/ other words most men would not hold the child responsible in any way for what the parent/woman did.or what's that old saying the heart wants what it wants even if it is wrong.i'm not saying it would be easy but then neither is being married .in other words they are going to have problems that they  will have to decide to either overcome or let drive  them apart.blah blah blah yackity smackity.(i could go on but you get the idea).
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Can it work out well - yes.  Has it ever worked out well - yes.  Will it always work out well - NO!  Statistics says that is not the norm for young girls to have an unplanned (or in this case planned) pregnancy and to end up happily married to the baby's Dad.  It is much more typical for the baby to arrive and the Daddy to leave, all within a few weeks/months of each other (if not before the baby even arrives).  It is a tangled web we weave when first we aim to deceive...or something like that.  Once that baby gets here, you can't trade it in or take it back.  That Mother, unless she put the child up for adoption, will have sacrificed her future for a man that has used her  (with her permission) and then abandoned her.  That is a terrible risk to take...having unprotected sex with the idea that you will become pregnant, marry and will live happily ever after.  It generally just doesn't happen like in the movies.
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Simply, I would say no.  It creates more problems.
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G'day Pencil,

Thank you for your question.

It can result in marriage. Sometimes the marriages are happy and sometimes they aren't.


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