Why are not all medicines made in chewable or gummie chewable form? I mean do you really want to swallow horse (hard chalky tablet that taste like dirt) pills when you are trying to feel/make yourself healthier?


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As Lynne says, a lot of these companies are manufacturing a whole range of medications, tablets and medicines.They're made under licence from the patent holder and as such have to pay "royalties" on every sale.Keeping the cost down to the bare minimum allows these companies to turn over  "a decent dollar".Also in some cases, the chemical compounds or format of these medicines sometimes mean pills are the only option.Like pills for low blood pressure for instance, which are hard, to ensure that the actual contents don't melt before they reach the bloodstream.
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There may be chemicals that, if put with something else to make it taste better, would not work as effectively.
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It would cost more to create a pleasing medication. Especially a needed perscription. The companies want low cost and high profits.
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If no one buys the hard chalky nasty dirt tasting tablets then they don't make any profit on them. : ) ewwwwwww bluuuuuuah! Just threw up a little thinking about the taste. I just found chewable vitamins that cost 3 dollars less than the hard horse pills. They are alot easier to get down. Sort of reminds me of pez or sweet tarts.
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That's over the counter. Many manufacturers will make improvements for those type drugs. I just got thera-flu over the pills for that exact reason. Aint bad either.
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PIlls are meant to be swallowed, not to taste ok? Just drink it with water and you will be fine. If only they were all  in sweet chewable form like gum than companies would make more money off of us but no, they do not think of us.

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