Life coaches: Do you practice based on your experience or formal education?


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I am an Astrologer and practice not only predictive astrology but also psychological counseling since the planetary allignments are very psychological and very connected to life patterns/defaults. 

Astrology readings are very connected with life coaching because one has to have certain communicative skills in order to properly convey the energies at play at a given time.  Proper life coaching skills are necessary in order to help people get through challenges successfully - as well as to even bring them up at all. 

Nearly all of my practice is from drawing on collected experience  in helping people through various situations - rather than formal education.

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I would imagine a little bit of both factors in for any life coach. It's always good to bring personal life experiences in practice. It's makes things easy to relate to, and then the lesson will stick more with whoever you are talking to. I've always learned better when people do that.

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Christopher Mccann
Yes I would agree with Aiden Renolds I went through my training a while ago with ..Bristol top Life coach called Brett Harding.. where I become his first student and he turned me for shy and timed due to suffering with epilepsy to confident and outgoing and know we coach people all over which is such passion of mine.

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David Morgan
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Here is a great article from EverCoach Academy which explains this calling from both aspects:

Of course, I agree that these two are inseparable. Practice makes perfect, but I would personally never trust a therapist with no actual education. On the contrary, I believe that education for therapists should be an ongoing task.

Also, let's not forget that even the best therapist require therapy themselves ;)

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