what meats are high in potassium?


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There are a variety of different meats that are high in potassium, but the best sources of potassium are actually fruits and vegetables.  

That being said, here are the best meat products for your daily potassium requirements.


One pork chop contains approximately 15% of your daily potassium requirements.  An evening meal would likely comprise of two pork chops, so would count as 30% of your daily potassium needs.


An averaged sized fillet steak comprises of roughly 10% of your daily potassium requirements.  That's pretty impressive when you couple it with the fact that beef is delicious. 


Chicken is another meat that's pretty well stocked with potassium.  An average sized chicken breast will provide you with around 10% of your daily potassium requirements. 

Other great sources of potassium

  1. Spinach is a fantastic source of potassium, and can be added to almost any meal as a healthy bonus.
  2. Salmon provides a staggering 18% of your daily potassium needs in one average sized fillet.
  3. Mushrooms are another healthy potassium option, and have the added bonus of being very low in calories.

Here's a short video talking about the importance of potassium within the body:

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