Can enlarged red blood cells carry oxygen as efficiently as normal sized red blood cells?


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No, unfortunately enlarged red blood cells can not carry oxygen as efficiently as normal sized red blood cells as enlarged red blood cells reduce the capacity to carry oxygen.

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Kelly H.
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I find this stuff interesting myself! And thank you Kass! I try but sometimes I get completely stumped on some of these questions occasionally lol! It's nice to get a challenge every once in a while! But yes I will definitely take your advice and try and provide more detail if possible! :) Thanks Kass!
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No worries, it was an interesting answer!

Actually I was going to say that your answers have been pretty much 100% factually correct - the only thing I could ask for is a little more detail!

A couple of times I've read something you wrote and then I've gone and searched for more info about it because you hooked me onto the subject with your answer :)

I think if we can provide as much help to the askers as possible, people will spend longer on Blurtit reading and engaging. Also it'll show off just how much you know!!
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I couldn't agree more Kass! :)

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