My husband had sharp pains in his back and all down his leg, he is in so much pain but more worried that the pulse in his leg is racing and he can feel it kicking like a baby in someone's belly. This isn't right surely? What can we do for him?


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This sounds like it needs urgent medical attention, and I would recommend discarding any information you might find on the internet - and instead seek the opinion of your local healthcare provider.

The throbbing is particularly worrying, and could suggest something clogging up his arteries or blood flow in his legs. A potentially serious problem.

Without a full examination, an understanding of his medical history, his age, and perhaps some further tests - I think it would almost impossible for a doctor to guess what is wrong with your husband, let alone a non-qualified Q&A addict!

How you seek help will depend on where in the world you are, but if you're in the UK there is a helpful online health-checker you can use to get a little bit more info:

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Hi Anonymous, may be you can use like simple fix by yourself first for the beginning , some case can cure by exercise or fix by itself then if it not good you can go to see doctor to make symptom check as above answer,

some simple fix in link

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