I know its tmi, but I had diarrhea for 3 days then throwing up the next day. I'm 3 days away from my period.... could I be pregnant? I have 3 boys but never had diarrhea during any of those. Again sorry for tmi


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Brenda Everett answered

Yah, During the early stage of pregnancy your digestive tract
can sometimes slow its pace down, which would lead to regular constipation OR it may operate faster which would result in diarrhea. I suffered with diarrhea during my first
pregnancy. I'll admit there was a time that it caught me 'napping' and I didn't make it to the loo in time (there's tmi for you!). For me though, it tended to be more constipation.

Also are you taking any vitamins? I was on prenatal vitamins (when trying to get pregnant) and certain types can soften stool too.

Anyway yes, it can be a symptom, but I wouldn't rely on it being anything definitive. Also, I'd say at least it's better than throwing up :)

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Brooke Langley answered

I'm not on any prenatal vitamins. I don't have diarrhea today or throwing up but I'm nauseated a little. Not sure if its a virus or pregnant. Guess I'll find out soon enough lol

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