What does a donation based yoga class mean to you? Can someone get away with giving nothing?


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Probably one could give less.

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Yo Kass answered

Sounds like it means the yoga instructor doesn't want to set a fixed price for the lessons, but rather you can show up and donate anything.

I think taking the class and not donating anything would be considered a bit cheeky or even rude.

My suggestion would be that, if you can't afford to donate any money, perhaps you can contribute something else instead?

Anything from food to something you have lying around the house that you don't use very often...

Or, why not speak to the yoga instructor and see if there's anything you can do to help out in return for the lessons? Perhaps you could help promote the class on social media or create some flyers to get more members joining for example.

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Chris Luko answered

It really depends on the yoga instructor.  Being a broke college student, I've taken several donation classes with several instructors.  Sometimes the yoga instructor, when asked about the donation before or after class gladly accepted the few bucks I have while others refused anyones cash saying their donation course was to promote good karma and practice.  

Other times the donations where going to charities so donations were necessary. As I said, depends on the instructor.

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You have to find out what is the purpose of the donation. Some use it to cover the expenses, some use it to promote good karma and practice. 

A good teacher will not care on how much you donate, even a penny is good enough. If the teacher is good, he will automatically attract good students or partner that can help him promote his class and cover expenses and everything.

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